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Some Evil, a Misstep and a Merger

New Resident Evil Details

On the 21st of January Capcom held a Resident Evil Showcase which detailed upcoming Resident Evil projects. Along with a new trailer for Resident Evil Village (AKA Resident Evil 8) we had confirmation for a release date of May the 7th and that the title would be appearing on last gen consoles along with the PS5, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

PS5 players can download an exclusive demo for the new game now titled The Maiden which the company describes as a visual demo, containing no combat the short demo showcases the games visuals and audio design.  A different more substantial demo will be released later for all platforms.

The event also revealed a new comic styled multiplayer project titled Re:Verse that will be included with Resident Evil Village, a trailer for the upcoming Netflix movie Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, and details for an upcoming crossover event of Resident Evil and The Division 2 which will start on February 2nd.

Microsoft doubles back on change to Live pricing

Microsoft announced that the Xbox live gold service, required for online play on Xbox consoles, would be doubling its price.  After strong backlash online the company reversed its decision within a day and kept the existing price structure while also adding the option for people to play Free-2-Play games without needing a Gold subscription.

“We messed up today and you were right to let us know.” Wrote the Xbox Live Gold Team on their blog.

Blizzard expands internal development

Vicarious Visions mostly known for high quality ports and remakes (most recently Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2) has been absorbed by Blizzard.  According to journalist Jason Schreier:

The integration ends Vicarious Visions’ 31 year run in the industry

This week on the ZED Games release calendar

28th January

  • The Medium | PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Game Pass
  •  Olija | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  •  Heaven’s Vault | Switch

29th January

  •  The Pedestrian | PS5, PS4

Episode 130 [Playlist + Podcast]









<Listen Here>

Aired 8 August 2012

In studio: Razor, Major Lee, Candi Payne & we welcome Jody as a regular co-host.


The Zed Games crew has a discussion about the scariest games they’ve ever played.   Is yours on the list?

Candi Payne ridicules us for being scared of games but what scares her?  Listen to find out.

Lee gives us some DAY Z first impressions.


1. THE NATIONAL – Exile Vilify (Portal 2)

2. AKIRA YAMAOKA – Theme of Laura (Silent Hill 2)

3. ERIC BROSIUS – Med Sci 1 (System Shock 2)

4. VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE – BLOODLINES – Mission Impossible Soundtrack

5. HEALTH – Max Fevala (Max Payne)


ZEDGAMES – Episode 111 [Playlist + Podcast]

Originally aired 28 March 2012

Download this episode!


Lee, DJ LAME, Candi & Razor.


Candi talks Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

DJ LAME reviewed Catherine.

The Zed Games crew has a discussion about videogame romances that only barely complied with community broadcasting standards.


1. EXTREME UNICORNS – Fastest Thing Alive

2. ELLIOT – Play With Power

3. DIBIASE – Mega Gutta

4. SHOJI MEGURO – Also Sprach Brook (Catherine S/track)

5. MISTER BIBAL – Defailance

6. SHOJI MEGURO – R30’s Melancholy

7. DZA – Hi There