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ZEDGAMES – EPISODE 58 [playlist]


In Studio:
DJ LAME, Scribewraith, Razor, Lee, Ian.

This week:
Corey from Good Games came in to chat about launching the Brisbane store of the GG franchise.
Lee talked about the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston, and first impressions of Dragon Age 2.

1. TECHNO SYNDROME – Mortal Kombat
2. POKEMON – Jigglypuff’s Song
3. FINAL FANTASY 7 REMIX – Chocarena
4. TEAM TEAMWORK – Slim Thug & mike Joes (Still Tippin’)
5. ECLECTIC METHOD – 8bitmixtape
Good Games
email Corey:
[email protected]


ZedGames – Episode 20

16 June 2010

In studio: DJ Lame, Leigh, Razor, Scribewraith and Codeblink

This week we featured:

E3 Special! The ZedGames crew discussed their impressions of what had been unveiled at E3 so far at the time the program went to air. Some of the main discussion points were the press conferences by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Tune in next week to hear Part 2 of the discussion as well as the post E3 round-up.

1. HIT ‘N’ HIDE – Space Invaders