Gayming at the Powerhouse!

Hey friends! Crinj here with your gaming news roundup ahead of the show this week.

Borderlands 3 Announced

Gearbox Software has announced Borderlands 3 at PAX East in Boston. The announcement trailer showed off four new playable Vault Hunters, cell-shaded visuals, wide open loot ’n’ shoot areas, and over one billion guns. The original Borderlands is also being re-released as Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition with new features including 4K resolution, HDR lighting and a Borderlands 2-esque minimap. This remaster, and more details about Borderlands 3 are to be released on April 4th.

GOG and CD Projekt Red Expand

The owner of Good Old Games, and developer of The Witcher, CD Projekt has revealed plans to create around 250 new jobs, despite a fall in profits. The company’s revenue dropped over 20 percent from 2017 to 2018. However, CD Projekt’s president, Adam Kicinski said that last year represented the “most intensive period in the group’s history,” regarding its focus on creative capabilities. CD Projekt has teams currently developing Cyberpunk 2077, as well as a yet to be announced project targeting mobile devices.

Queerly Represent Me to bring Gayming to MELT

Non-profit organisation, Queerly Represent Me have announced plans to work with the Brisbane Powerhouse to present a Gayming event as part of the Festival of Queer Arts and Culture, MELT. The event will feature panels about queer experiences, and a curated collection of games. More information about Gayming will be released on the Brisbane Powerhouse website on April 12th, and expressions of Interest are open to queer individuals wanting to contribute until May 17th here.

Another Mini Console?

SEGA is throwing their hat into the mini-retro console ring with the SEGA Mega Drive Mini. Including 2 controllers and HD video output, this mini system is set to contain 40 games, with Ecco the Dolphin, Castlevania: Bloodlines, Sonic the Hedgehog already confirmed. The console is available to preorder now, and will release on September 19th.

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Zed Games Weekly News Update 20 – 27 March

Hey all! Adrian here with your weekly Zed Games news update.

EA Layoffs

EA has laid-off around 350 of its 9000 employees due to organisational changes. CEO Andrew Wilson stated that these layoffs will allow EA to “better deliver on our commitments, refine our organization and meet the needs of our players.”

He went on to say that, “as part of this, we have made changes to our marketing and publishing organization, our operations teams, and we are ramping down our current presence in Japan and Russia as we focus on different ways to serve our players in those markets.”

EA says it will look after affected staff and help them transition to new roles, but they haven’t detailed how. This news comes just over a month after EA laid-off up to 50 staff members at the Australian FireMonkeys studio.

Apple Arcade

Apple is launching a subscription-based game service called Apple Arcade. The service will provide unlimited access to curated titles from the App Store from partners like Sega, Konami, Disney, Sumo Digital, and Cartoon Network. Apple says it’ll deliver over 100 exclusive titles for Apple Arcade’s launch by “contributing to the development costs and working closely with creators to bring the games to life.”

Games included in the service will be playable across iOS, MacOS and Apple TV, with the option to also play offline. Apple Arcade will launch in over 150 countries this Spring, but pricing details are yet to be confirmed.

State of Play

PlayStation delivered its first-ever State of Play livestream, featuring a slew of upcoming game announcements. Sony doubled-down on support for PlayStation VR, announcing Marvel’s Iron Man VR – and in perhaps the best-ever redemption arc for a game, No Man’s Sky Beyond is receiving a super slick-looking VR mode.

A first-person shooter follow-up to London Heist, Blood & Truth is releasing on the 28th of May,. We also scored a new look at the narratives of Mortal Kombat 11, Days Gone and Concrete Genie.

New Nindies!

Nintendo’s announced a swathe of indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch in a recent Nintendo Direct livestream. Hard-as-nails platformer Cuphead, Zelda rhythm-based spinoff Cadence of Hyrule, and my personal favourite shown at PAX AUS 2018, Neo Cab, are all coming to the platform.

Other titles include Overland, My Friend Pedro, The Red Lantern, Dark Wood, Stranger Things 3, and more. Don’t forget to hit up the Nintendo eShop and support your indie faves!

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