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Zed Games brings you the best in gaming news, reviews, community and culture. Produced live in Brisbane at 4ZZZ Studios, we’re broadcast around the country on the Community Radio Network.

Our home station, Triple Zed is a completely independent, not for profit broadcaster, run in large part by volunteers.  The majority of funding required for broadcast comes from our supporters and subscribers.

Zed Games’ position as an independent voice in the gaming media means that our listeners can trust us to deliver news, reviews, and opinions that are completely free from bias or commercial influence.

Meet the Zed Games Crew


Executive Producer & Announcer

I’m a Game Design graduate who loves big and small creative experiences. I love to dive into the feelings of games as well as artistic elements that tell a compelling story. I don’t really have a favourite genre of game however I don’t really like horror games (that’s why we have Milly). Some of my favourite games of all time are: Detroit Become Human, Overwatch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, I usually play PC, Switch of PS4 games and on the off occasion will test out some Android mobile games. You’ll usually find me announcing and producing the live show each week as well as out and about the local Brisbane Game Development scene.


Announcer & Co-Host

I am a lover of third/first person adventure games like Tomb Raider, Bioshock and Far Cry. I also love a good horror or creepy game to dissect. I play mostly on PS4 and Switch but I’ll always try and find a Mac game for my Apple users out there! You’ll typically hear me laughing because I always have a good time with my co-hosts.




I am an adventure and RPG gaming nerd. I love to play all kinds of games and often find myself drawn to particular games because it boasts a cute art style, good story-line, or amazing soundtrack. I started getting into games on a Nintendo Gameboy and have since played on PlayStation and Xbox. As I grew, so did my “sophistication” and I now mostly get my games fix from my PC or my Switch. I’m always on the hunt for new and fun games. Like the real gamer girl I aspire to be, I love The Sims, Life is Strange, and Pokémon. I have a degree in English and Writing and can sometimes be found streaming on Twitch. Mostly, I’m on the lookout for new games that are going to give me a good adventure, so if you have recommendations send them my way.



I’m a nerd at heart and my favourite game genres are Indie, Open World RPG’s and Walking Simulators, basically anything with a beautiful art style and captivating story-line. I started out on Nintendo 64 (Super Mario represent!) and PS2 and now, I mainly play on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. I’m always on the hunt for hidden Indie gems, and some of my favourite games are indies, particularly Night in the Woods, Oxenfree and Firewatch. Triple A games include Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witcher Series, Dragon Age and pretty much anything Bethesda does. I have dabbled in Twitch streaming, but mostly love to play snuggled up with my cat or a with friends.


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