The Vault

Interview: MC LARS

26 September 2012.  Razor and Candi catch up with MC LARS midway through his southern hemisphere tour.   One of the best interviews we’ve ever done!

48 Hour Game Making Challenge 2012

(29 MB / 29:07)

Originally aired 3 October 2012.

Razor and Lee from Zed Games spent the weekend documenting the sixth annual 48 Hour Game Making Challenge.     This podcast features interviews that were recorded on-site during the competition.  We spoke to Truna (founder), Gaute (judge), as well as members from many of the competing teams.


Interview with Screwtape Studios

Full Episode (39:13 / 45 MB)

The crew sat down for a discussion with Megan Summers and Anthony Wood of Screwtape Studios. We talked about what it’s like working as an indie developer in Brisbane, as well as their games Conduction, Bank Job and the upcoming Invasion.


Interview: Impro Mafia

We spoke to Greg, Brittany & Jess of IMPRO MAFIA ahead of their RPG-themed show “Critical Hit”.    Includes a hilarious, improvised role-playing segment.

Interview: Ben Ely from Regurgitator

An interview with Regurgitator‘s Ben Ely,  one of Australia’s most accomplished musicians.  We spoke to him about games, art, and how games meet art in  his exhibition GAME OVER!   He also reveals to us exactly which game “Black Bugs” is about.

Feature: Brisbane Indie Game Devs

We went along to Game On Symposium: Foreplay to Freeplay and had a chat with a number of devs making games in Brisbane.

Interview: Daniel Grzlek from Gamer Institute

Ever want to be a professional gamer?  We talk with a guy who can help you achieve this dream.  We spoke to Daniel from Gamer Institute (Australia’s first gaming school) about what it takes to become a professional gamer.


Interview: TRIPOD

An interview with Tripod, featuring Elana Stone.    This was recorded while they were touring their acclaimed D & D based show “Tripod Versus the Dragon”.  Also includes a live version of “Hot Girl in the Comic Shop “.

Interview: YAHTZEE

An interview with Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation. We talk to him about the early days of ZP, his favourite games and how Final Fantasy 13 is like punching yourself in the balls before jerking off. A great listen!

Interview: MICK GORDON

An interview with Mick Gordon, a video game sound engineer and owner of Game Audio Australia. One of the funniest guests we’ve ever had on the show! Mick gives us a glimpse into the process of creating sound for games. Also features some raw studio takes of Mike Patton doing monster growls!


An interview with Abortficient, a Sydney chip artist. Includes a track he performed live on air.

Feature: ZOMBIES!!!

What is it about Zombies that we love so much? Scribewraith caught up with Paul from Ace Comics, who revealed some fascinating and hilarious insights.

Feature: R18+ Games Part One

An interview with the former chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia, Nic Suzor. This originally aired in February 2010 (it was only Zedgames’ second episode!) and so the focus was on urging listeners to participate in the public consultation.