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Game Playing Increase, Minecraft and GDC Talks

Steam and Nintendo make bank over self-quarantine from the Coronavirus

Over the weekend Steam hit it’s all time concurrent user peak which was over 20 million users online all at once with nearly 6 and half million people actively playing a game. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being the most popular as well as other favourites like Dota 2 and PUBG. Nintendo Switch have been selling a high amount of a game called Ring Fit Adventure which is a fitness game that is hugely popular in China. Nintendo have seen a huge spike in sales of this game which sell for over $250 however Ring Fit Adventure isn’t the only game to see a spike in sales in China has also gained some traction thanks to the Coronavirus. In Italy Telecom Italia is showing up to a 70% increase in online games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. It would appear that gaming traffic is up everywhere.

Even though game playing is on the increase, game developing is not. Due to self-quarantine there maybe further delays with many companies and businesses opting to send staff home to work remotely there still can be issues in terms of meeting deadlines. Cyberpunk 2077 has reassured its fans that the virus will not delay the game any further however E3 2020 and other major showcasing events have been cancelled. We may see further delays, but fingers crossed that it all goes well for the developers out there.

Minecraft has a library which is now a safe haven for censored journalism

This uncensored library houses articles that are normally blocked in countries where there is no freedom of press, however if you can get your hands-on Minecraft you can access what’s being blocked. If you own Minecraft just open the game, load The Uncensored Library Server and you can read through books which feature articles blocked from social media and news outlets. Other news relating to Minecraft due to school being closed in Japan a group of students decided to host their graduation ceremony in Minecraft. These elementary students met up in-game to hang out and graduate as their Minecraft avatars, they spent all day building a seriously impressive graduation hall with the help of a YouTuber who assisted with organising the event.

GDC started streaming their talks this week starting from March 16th until the 20th

There will also be The Independent Games Festival awards and the Game Developers Choice Awards streaming if you’d like to look at the full schedule and know how to watch these incredible talks click here; Schedule & Live Stream.


Diablo and Overwatch Netflix Series, Halo Combat Evolved and is PS5 The End

Diablo and Overwatch may be getting an animated TV series.

A post on LinkedIn from Activision’s co-president Nik van Dyk has revealed that Blizzard plans to adapt both Diablo and Overwatch however nothing official has been released yet. Nik van Dyk’s profile also shows his work history where it is listed that his worked on both Diablo and Overwatch animation projects, it states him as being the Executive Producer of the ‘anime style’ TV adaptations and that it will be distributed worldwide through Netflix. Both these series make sense to line up with Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 set to be released hopefully later in the year however no dates have been released yet.

Speaking of animated TV series Castlevania 3 on Netflix is set to release on the 3rd of March and not long after confirming the release date Netflix has released the first trailer. If you haven’t seen the first two seasons there are spoilers so have been warned. If you’d like to check out the trailer click right here.

Halo: Combat Evolved the very first Halo game has started its closed beta testing on PC.

If you have signed up to the Halo Insider program you may have an email with instructions on how to start playing now. If not, it’ll be too late to play however, there is most likely going to be more play tests for Halo: Combat Evolved and other Halo games. A sneak peak into what this closed beta features four campaign missions, multiplayer matchmaking, custom game modes and a sample of the customization options that will be in the final version of the game. Combat Evolved is the next in line for the Halo Master Chief Collection and is likely to come out on the anniversary of its original release date.

The Sony PlayStation 5 could be the last gaming console, ever.

Both Sony and Microsoft are set to release their latest consoles this year, however the cost is going to be much higher than previous generations. For Sony it’s been reported that it costs $450US to manufacture as per Bloomberg’s estimates. With that said it’s looking somewhere between $500 and $600US on release. There is speculation that this could end the PlayStation era. Whereas Microsoft and it’s Xbox is already looking forward to a future without consoles with its Project xCloud which is currently in the preview phase allowing players to stream more than 50 Xbox games on Android phones and tablets with Wi-Fi or mobile data. Xbox very much intends on releasing more games to this platform. There are currently 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, with Microsoft, Amazon and Google taking a punch at the cloud gaming space this could very well be the end of the console gaming generation.

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