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Fight Your Perspective

Come follow us down the Polaroid trail, drink from the CapCom rapids and bathe in the Baulder’s Gate 3 teasers. This week on Zed Games, Cameron puts the Cam in Cammitment with a review of Capcom‘s Street Fighter 6, Paul stretches his ocular awareness to bring us a review of indi game Viewfinder from Sad Owl Studios, and don’t forget there’s some extra saucy gaming news just to add some sizzle to your step.

So take off your socks and have a listen to the episode above or pick our podcast off the audio bush of your choice.

Friends and Friendly Dragons

Afternoon Zed Gamers, time to plug your ears with the vibrating pressure of the weekly podcast headed by Maylee, and accompanied by Zahra, Hazel and a secret being. This week the team talks lost games in Gaming News, Zahra takes time out for self care in a review of Amaru: The Self-care Virtual Pet. Maylee then brings the magic with a review of the boardgame Flamecraft.

Government Spies in Our Midst

Zed Gamers, welcome to another week of audio glory!
This week Hazel’s organised a special treat, so with Cameron they welcome Jed Dawson & Finley (Fin) Cameron from Screen Queensland to talk how they can help YOU get your game and game creation career off the ground (paid internships now available)!
Hazel then talks Nova Lands and the problems with automation in gaming.
So fill in your forms and submit them by listening in, or head to your nearest podcast department and find us cowering under the desks of democracy.

That’s Pretty Pogchamp

Zed Games goes full Pogchamp this week with Hazel, Maylee, and Zahra taking over your podcast primed earholes. This week the team talks the simpler days of the wild west of early gaming experiences, Zahra takes it easy putting their shapes into place in The Shape of Things, then Paul reshapes literary history in The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales.

Stare Into The Sun: Some things you can’t explain, but you can feel

In celebration of our collaboration with Netherworld for the Indie Dev Night we’re releasing this weeks podcast EARLY! So listen in as Maylee, Hazel, & Paul talk gaming news, this years not E3 announcements and Hazel does a special In Memoriam for the online phenomenon Blazeball.
So gather your salutes, gird your tear ducts, and open your ear holes.


Time to gather your infinite multiverse everything everywhere spider selves around the sparking gigabyte motherboard that is Zed Games.

This week Hazel wrangles Maylee and Tobi through the week in gaming news, and swings through the everything bagel that is a review of the movie “Spider-Man: Across The Spider Verse”. All while Paul spends some time exploring not quite inside of “Planet of Lana”.