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France bans the use of English gaming terms to prevent anglicisation.
The French government has come out with a ban on English gaming terms, requiring all government officials to use French ones instead. The Académie Française, created in 1635, is an arm of the French Government tasked with protecting the French language. The rise of the internet and technology has been particularly effective at sharing English words to other languages, and therefore particularly problematic for the Académie Française. Now, the French Government has ordered its employees to stop using English gaming jargon, claiming such words act as a “barrier to understanding” for people who do not regularly play games and the French terms will allow their population to communicate more easily. Some examples are:

Instead of ‘pro gamer’ officials must say ‘joueur professionnel,

Instead of “streamer’ they must say ‘joueur-animateur en direct,’

Don’t say ‘cloud gaming’ instead say ‘jeu video en nuage.’

And instead of the term ‘e-sports’ the term ‘jeu video de compétition,’ should be used.

It is unclear yet if the mandate for government officials will be able slow the encroach of English slang but if past attempts to replace “le wifi” with “l’access sans fil à internet” are anything to go by, the tides are unlikely to turn.


Nominations for the 2022 Australia Game Developer Awards are now open
The Australian Game Developer Awards are a national event celebrating video games and the achievements of Australians in the industry, now in its 20th year. Nominations have opened for this year’s event, with 17 different awards available for excellent games, studios, and individuals in the industry. Winners will be named at the 2022 AGDAs which will take place on the evening of Wednesday 5th of October 2022 as an in-person, live event in Melbourne as part of Melbourne International Games Week. For more information visit the official site


Euro Truck Simulator 2 cancels ‘Heart of Russia’ DLC over Ukraine Invasion
SCS Software announced in March 2021 that players could look forward to exploring the Russian landscape in depth in the Heart of Russia DLC. However, this past Monday the studio announced it had decided not to release the expansion. In February the studio found itself at the tail end of production on “Heart of Russia”.

“We all felt really good about the result; a lot of effort had been invested in making this new region look truly fantastic in the game. We were absolutely sure that our community, especially those in Russia, would really appreciate that.” On the 24th of February Russia launched its assault on Ukraine and the studio put the expansion on temporary hold. They created Ukrainian Paint Jobs Pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator to raise money for humanitarian aid in the nation.

After months of consideration SCS have announced they are indefinitely shelving the game to avoid the appearance of tolerance or support for Russia’s actions. In their statement they said “We strongly believe that there is hope for the proud people of Ukraine to prevail and for the suffering to end for all. Injustice cannot and must not win,” the studio wrote. “And, when the time comes for Ukraine to rebuild and heal, then we will endeavour to find a way for our Heart of Russia DLC to play whatever part it can in that healing process, for everyone.”


Upcoming Game Releases:

June 2nd – Diablo Immortal – PC, iOS

June 3rd – Ten: Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds -PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch

June 6th – Super Perils of Baking – Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC

June 7th – SpellForce III Reforced – PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S