“Innistrad” Magic Pre-Release this weekend


Magic: The Gathering:

The first expansion of the new block “Innistrad” launches next week, but this weekend magic players worldwide get their first taste of the new set.

The horror themed set introduces a few new mechanics and brings back some old ones. Probably the most interesting new addition are “Double Faced Cards”; these represent creatures (or planeswalkers) that can transform into other, more powerful forms. For example, a human shepherd that transforms into a werewolf if certain conditions are met.

For MTG veterans, Pre-Releases are the best way to get the new cards early while having fun exploring the new content. For magic newbies, Pre-Releases are a fantastic introduction to the game because of the non-competitive atmosphere and the level playing ground.

Ace Comics & Games at Annerley are holding events all weekend, starting tonight at midnight with the traditional “Midnight Draft” for those hardcore players who simply cannot wait until Saturday to play with the cards.
Then on both Saturday and Sunday, registration begins at 10:30am for the Sealed events.
Ace Comics & Games

For those planning on attending, be sure to check out the VISUAL SPOILER ahead of time to get familiar with the new set.