Next Gen is Close, No More Heroes Returns and the Cyberpunk’s Delay Fallout

Next Gen Tidbits

Next week will see the release of both Sony and Microsoft’s next generation consoles. The Xbox Series X and S will be released on Tuesday the 10th of November followed by the PS5 two days later. If you were not able to secure a pre-order you may have a bit of a wait, with Xbox stock not expected to become available until late this year and Playstation 5 unlikely to be available until 2021.

If you are lucky enough to get a PS5 and you wish to use PSVR with it you will need to order an adapter from Sony to do so. The device is free of charge and you can order it here.

Along with the launch line up Sony also announced the first free PS5 game that would be included with their PS+ subscription. Bugsnax will be available for free at launch for subscribers to claim for two months instead of the usual one.

While Microsoft still fights to get its xCloud service onto Apple devices they have announced that AppleTV will be available their new consoles at launch along with other popular streaming services.

One exclusive game in Microsoft’s launch window, horror game The Medium has been refused classification by the Australian Classification Board. The game by Bloober Team allows the player to keep a foot in two parallel worlds simultaneously and features music by legendary Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka. It is being resubmitted in hopes of overturning the current rating.

Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase

Nintendo released a Direct last week focusing on 3rd party games. We got more details on No More Heroes 3 which is expected next year but also saw a surprise release of the first two game ported to the switch. Both games have been enhanced to run at higher resolutions at 60fps.

Two games that you may not have expected to see release on the switch, Hitman 3 and Control were announced in a streaming version. The games will stream from the cloud, similarly to how Resident Evil 7’s switch version released in Japan.  While Australia is not currently included in the roll out it is a sign of things to come. Other games shown included Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Calamity (which now has a demo available), Bravely Default 2, Immortals Fenyx Rising and HAL Laboratory’s Part Time UFO.

Cyberpunk delay is contagious

Last week’s delay of Cyberpunk 2077 has had some far-reaching effects. Employees, now being forced to crunch for an even longer period have been on the receiving end of death threats, the company’s stock price has dropped 25% over the last two months as investors became uneasy about the titles release and now two games have delayed their release in order to avoid competing with the juggernaut’s new release date. Everspace 2 and the new expansion for Path of Exile have pushed their release dates from December to January citing Cyberpunk directly as the reason.