PSN still down, personal details compromised

Well the PSN debacle has been receiving widespread media attention, mainly due to the fact that the personal details of 77 million users have apparently fallen into the hands of hackers.

8 days into the outage and I have only today received an email from Sony detailing the fact that my details have been accessed by hackers.

There has been a class-action lawsuit filed against Sony, who have reportedly enlisted aid of the FBI to help determine the identity of the mysterious uber-hacker.

Things keep going from bad to worse for Sony, who may suffer heavy financial losses from this episode, not to mention the loss of trust from customers.

While it is unclear if credit card information has been accessed, PSN users would be wise to keep an eye on their transaction records and consider changing passwords.

The PSN outage means that all online games, the PS store, PS home, PS3 Steam and almost all online functionality of the PS3 and PSP has been disabled, though users can still access the internet through browsers.

Sony have not released a date when the network will be back online, though it has been rumoured it will be down for at least another week.

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