Strike the NFT’s from the Classification Cult


Australia changing the classifications of games with gambling-like content


From September 2024 the Albanese Government will introduce mandatory minimum classifications for games ‘containing gambling-like content.’  This means that games which contain in-game purchases such as loot boxes will have a classification of at least M- not recommended for children under 15 years of age and games that contain simulated gambling will be required to be rated R18+.


These changes are in response to ‘growing community concerns’ about the ‘potential harms of children accessing gambling-like content in computer games.’,under%2015%20years%20of%20age).


A potential video game voice actor strike?


With a provisional deal being reached in the Hollywood writers strike after 146 days it looks like there may be another strike on the horizon with SAG-AFTRA members having approved a strike authorization vote, winning with 98.32% voting in favor.


This does not mean that a strike is going to happen, only that one can be declared if ‘bargaining fails to produce a deal the members will accept.’  Since October 2022 SAG-AFTRA has been in negotiations with various video game companies to get voice actors a fair contract, with similar issues that the Hollywood writers strike is addressing such as protections against AI use, appropriate wage increases and safety for both on screen and vocal performers.


NFTs are worthless


Remember when NFT’s were selling for stupid amounts of dollars?  Well it seems like those days are a distant memory as apparently 95% of all NFT’s are basically worthless and with 79% of all NFT collections remaining unsold.



And if you’re in Melbourne on the 5th of October I am super jealous because there’s a live ritual!  Part of Melbourne International Games week it is one of many events that are on.  It is to be held in Fed Square, Cult of the Lamb: The Ritual is a free event that combines puppets, projection mapping and a live DJ set by River Boy (the creator of the amazing soundtrack of Cult of the Lamb.) So what are you waiting for?  Dress up like a woodland creature and go get sacrificed!


There are many other fun video game things being held on the day at the location but Cult of the Lamb is my favourite and therefore I’m biassed.  For the full lineup check out the Melbourne International Games Week website.


Game Releases!

September 28

Chipmonk! Playstation, -Xbox & Switch

CounterAttack: Uprising -Switch

Crowns And Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit – Switch

Diluvian Ultra – PC

My Hero Ultra Rumble – PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Switch

Overpass 2 – PC, PS5, XSX

Firefighting Simulator – The Squad -Switch

Gothic Classic -Switch

Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai -PC, Playstation and Switch

Islanders VR Edition PC VR

Wildmender -PC, PS5 and XSX


September 29

Cocoon – PC, Playstation, Xbox and Switch

EA Sports FC 24 -PC, Playstation, Xbox and Switch

Park Beyond: Beyond Extreme DLC -PC, PS5 and XSX

October 3

Battle Shapers -PC

Scorn -PS5

Silent Hope -PC and Switch

Station to Station -PC


October 4

The Fabulous Fear Machine -PC

Worldless -PC, Playstation, Xbox and Switch