SUPER MARIO ELEPHANT OMG, also other news I guess

EA Sports No Longer In The Game

Former local game developer and now ruler of all things Electronic Arts, CEO Andrew Wilson, has announced that EA Sports is splitting from EA Games. They’re going to be two completely separate companies competing for your gaming dollar. Not only that, but EA Games is no more, being rebranded as EA Entertainment. It’s a signal that Electronic Arts is
looking beyond video games for future releases, and trying to make everything they make a hit across movies, games and TV. After all, it’s a strategy that’s working for Sony of late.

I’m still waiting for the modern remake and HBO drama based on the best EA game ever made, Skitchin’.

We’re all Barbie Girls, in a Forza World

Look, I know this is a crass commercial cross-promotional ploy to get attention, and as the world’s best independent gaming radio show we should be above it all, but…the Barbie car is coming to Forza Horizon 5! How freakin’ cool is that! I can finally live out my dreams of driving the Barbie car at ridiculous speeds on Hot Wheels tracks without getting in trouble from mum. There’s really not much more to this story than that, I just wanted to share some joy.

Kojima’s in Space

Certified nutjob and the only man to escape working for Konami alive, Hideo Kojima, has announced that he’d like to go to space. Speaking to former Doritos spokesperson Geoff
Kieghley, he said ““I want to go to outer space. I want to go to outer space and create a game you can play In space… So please someone send me up to space.” As of press time
it’s not known if someone has volunteered to launch him up there or if he could fit the entire dev team on the International Space Station. It’s not the first time he’s spearheaded a game
that requires players to put themselves in unusual situations, as his Game Boy Advance game Boktai needed to be played outside in the sunlight.


Anyway who cares about any of that other news Nintendo just dropped a new Direct! Among the highlights are the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, new DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and
Violet which, yep I just checked, has lots of Pokemon in it so that’s good. Palia is a free to play multiplayer mix of the relaxed life of Animal Crossing and the adventuring aspect of Zelda which looks charming as all heck, Fae Farm is pretty much the exact same concept but you pay money for it, Mythforce is a four player first person roguelike adventure that resembles an ‘80s Saturday morning cartoon, and there’s a new Detective Pikachu!

And now exciting news for those of us who love buying games we already own – SUPER MARIO RPG REMAKE!!!!! Finally Australian gamers will be legally allowed to play this game
without breaking the warranty on their Super Nintendo.

Speaking of re-releases, Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Volume 1! Vampire Survivors is coming to Switch, surprising nobody. All of the Batman Arkham games are coming to the
Switch soon too. (I think Batman’s kind of stupid and I will not apologise)

Rounding out the release announcements are Pikmin 4 which looks cute as all heck and there’s a little Pikmin dog that you can teach tricks to and ohhh it’s so cute, it’s SO CUTE! A
new Wario Ware game! Some other stuff I wasn’t paying attention to because it was so late in the evening! I’m hyperventilating from HYPE!

Continuing the Mario mania, there’s a new Princess Peach game coming, a Switch remake of the 3DS Luigi’s Mansion, and a brand new 2D Mario game, Super Mario Bros Wonder! My
wife described it as if Jeff Minter made a Mario game, which is the best recommendation I could imagine. BEST DIRECT EVER!

And now here’s some upcoming releases!

Today sees the release of

Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch]
Final Fantasy 16 [PS5]
Dragon’n Princess (C64)

Tomorrow sees the release of C-Smash VRS [PSVR 2]

And on June 27

Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed Single Player Edition [PS4, XBO]
Little Friends: Puppy Island [PC, Switch]