ZEDGAMES – Episode 84 [Playlist]


Presented by Razor, DJ LAME, Lee.

This week, we spoke to Allan from AUSCON. It’s happening October 1-2 at RNA Showgrounds. RPG, Console Games, Cosplay and much more!
Check out event details here: auscongames.com.au

The guys spoke about EMULATOR, an exhibition on at the Bleeding Heart Gallery until Sep 30. More info :

Lee and DJ LAME also played JETPACK JOYRIDE (iPhone) on air and managed to mumble a few words of approval in the process.

6:05 CUT MAN – Mega Man
6:15 DOT.AY – POQO
6:30 MC CHRIS – Nerd Cave
6:33 LUKE VIDERT – Viddin Session
6:45 ANDY EXPANDY – Pancakes
6:57 YOYOGI GHOST TRAIN – Suckafish P. Jones