Episode 179: PAX Australia Special


Razor, Lee, Candi & Alanah flew to Melbourne to attend the first ever PAX Australia, July 19-21 2013.

We bring you our impressions of the expo, including experiences with the VR headset Occulus Rift.

Originally aired 24 July 2013

Interviews with:

Lisa & Garth – Stirfire Studios (FREEDOM FALL) stirfire.net/

Drew – IRL Shooter (PATIENT 0) irlshooter.com/

MC Frontalot (nerdcore rapper) frontalot.com

David – Virtual Reality Insanity www.virtualrealityinsanity.com/

Phil – Halfbrick Studios (COLLOSOTRON: MASSIVE WORLD THREAT) www.halfbrick.com

Na – Witch Beam (ASSAULT ANDROID CACTUS) www.witchbeamgames.com/

Lance – Man Fights Dragon (BLACK ANNEX) www.blackannex.net/

MC FRONTALOT – Secrets From The Future (background)
HALFBRICK – Jet Pack Joyride Theme (background)
WILLROCK – Bareknuckle Blitz (background)
HUNZ – Owl Highway – Penny Time OST (background)