PAX AUS: Mike and Jerry Media Q&A (full audio)


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  Lee and Razor with Jerry Holkins on the floor of the Expo Hall at PAX Australia.

The first PAX Australia is officially done and dusted, and the overwhelming consensus is that it was a terrific success!

Many of the panels were hard to get in to due to overwhelming demand. One of the most exclusive panels was the media-only Q&A session with Mike and Jerry, the creators of Penny Arcade and founders of PAX. If you weren’t at PAX AUS, a member of the media, or able to rouse yourself for the 9AM Sunday morning start (thought to be deliberately chosen so that only the dedicated turn up), chances are you didn’t catch this one.

Thankfully, Zed Games was there, and we present to you the complete session for your listening pleasure.

There were some sound problems with the PA and stage mic placement that unavoidably transferred over to this recording, but it’s clearly audible and a great listen.

The session begins with the pair thanking the journalists for offerings, in the form of a mountain of recording devices placed on the table.

Questions were asked about booth babes, panel controversy, gamer culture as well as PAX itself and Penny Arcade.