Light Fall

Developer: Bishop Games
Bishop Games
Peak Media & Jupiterion
PC & Nintendo Switch
26 April 2018
2D side scrolling platformer

Light Fall is set in the world of Numbra which is a land that is perpetually stuck in night-time. Most of the nomadic inhabitants (called the Kamloops) live in the small villages and towns you come across however they’re all seemingly missing or displaced. You play as a pocket-sized creature made of shadow with big starry eyes and you’ve been blessed with powerful agility and the ability to summon blocks that you can use to help you manoeuvre through Numbra. As you start your journey you meet an Owl who narrates to you the universe that you are in and the fate that has come of the Kamloops including the lore of the land in which you travel. Early on in your adventure you discover different God like figures that represent different elements or cultures of Numbra and you as the little shadow gravitate towards one in pursuit of finding out who you are and your place in the world around you.

From a play style perspective everything moves smoothly and easily, the tutorial you are guided by the sometimes irritating voice of the Owl is super useful and makes the learning experience flow nicely. I reviewed Light Fall on the Nintendo Switch and found that there were no problems in handheld or docked modes. You use the buttons on your Switch to activate blocks that help you jump and land on when trying to over come obstacles. You can only summon the blocks 4 times before they need to recharge. I really liked this touch because it provided an element of strategy when facing new challenges as well as having multiple types of blocks to choose from it became very engaging and fulfilling when I finally reached a checkpoint. The only downside was that I wished for more checkpoints, at times I felt very agitated after achieving a certain distance then after failing for the 100th time to be put so far back in the stage. It was hard to remember so many different sequences in order to reach the next checkpoint. In saying that Light Fall feels so calming to play and really satisfying to use each mechanic. Applying the boxes in different ways makes for a great way to tackle new challenges, find new ways to complete levels and of course defeat bosses.

The composition of music is enchanting and mysterious, it compliments the Numbra universe beautifully. The music fully brings out the atmosphere of the world and adds to the purple blue neon world that you around surrounded by. The sound effects are subtle, ‘tingy’ and ‘wooshy’ which pay tribute to the mystical tribal rhythm of the music. There is a lot of appreciation to be had for the music as it holds you in right space of suspense and calm allowing you to focus on succeeding with the game play.

Overall Light Fall is a fantastic 2D platformer that offers back to back quality with its stunning colour palette, enthralling mechanics and its gently guiding musical score. Light Fall is well worth the time especially for those players who love a good speed run or enjoy the challenge of a well crafted 2D platformer. There is plenty to be pleased with for those who love a compelling story, the rich world of Numbra has so many tales to tell. Bishop Games have definitely not let me down and I would say it’s a worthy game to add to anyone’s Switch collection.