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Review: The Rapture Is Here And You Will Be Forcibly Removed From Your Home


Platform: PC
Developer: T-Probe Productions
Website: http://connorsherlock.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/trihaywbfrfyh (free download)
Australian classification: Unrated

“Why would you play a game where the world ends no matter what you do?” Candi asks.

“It’s like building a sandcastle on the beach,” I try to explain. “You know the tide’s going to come and wash it away but it’s still worth doing.”

“My sandcastles never lasted that long,” says Ray. “They always got kicked over first.”


ZEDGAMES – Episode 120 [Playlist + Podcast]

Aired 30 may 2012

<<<Listen Here!>>>

With Candi. DJ LAME, Major Lee and Razor.

A Guide to the Best Free Games Money Can Buy!

In preparation for e3 next week, we throw out the usual wild speculation.


1. 813 – Purpur Way

2. SRC – Lemsip

3. COMPUTOR ROCKERS – Galaxy Defenders

4. MADGAZ85 – Dr Who Theme (Gameboy Version)

5. YMCK – Pastel Candy

6. RUSTIE – Beast Mode