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Review: Freedom Fall


Platform: Android, iOS, PC, Mac (via Steam and Desura but since Desura doesn’t have a Mac client yet expect hassle there)
Developer: Stirfire Studios
Website: www.freedomfall.com
Australian classification: Unrated

Most 2D platformers are about jumping across the screen from left to right; falling down a hole is a Very Bad Thing. In Freedom Fall you’re escaping from a prison at the top of a tower so you spend a lot of time doing the thing you’re not supposed to: leaping blindly downwards. Then you steer yourself past spikes, swinging blades, electrical arcs, and fires by bouncing off the walls (there’s no falling damage so at least you don’t have to worry about that).

In the archetype of typical left-to-right platformers there’s also a princess to rescue at the end, but in another cute inversion Freedom Fall has the Princess as the villain. She’s a brat so spoilt her father let her fill a tower with traps for fun, a deadly dollhouse where you’re one of her toys, only instead of marrying Barbie you’ll get eaten by a giant robotic shark. The Princess taunts you with notes written on the walls in pink chalk, explaining how far previous escapees got with cheery arrows pointing at rusty blood on the spikes. It’s a little like the way GladOS humiliates you in Portal only with pictures of lovehearts and flowers to go with each threatening insult.


Zed Games Podcast – Episode 205


Dom and Chris of Ghostbox drop in to talk about their latest game, Dragon Season (Android/iOS). We discuss the unlikely origins of the game and talk about how some of the key features were conceptualised.

Jody and Candi review Freedom Fall, a “platform game set in a wickedly dark fairy tale”.

In studio: Razor, Jody Macgregor & Candi.

Aired 5 February 2014

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 205

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