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In our not so special 666th episode Rani, Paul, and Caroline talk news. Rani flips open the gaming book Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin to regale us with another book review. Followed by the patented DOUBLE review from Paul, who plays mix and match with body parts in Birth, and afterwards mix and match with souls in My Lovely Daughter.

Episode 134 [Playlist and podcast]








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Lee, Razor, Candi + Jody.

This week Jody told us about the digital versions of the old-school Game Books, as well as the Choice Of: adventure novels.  Most are free for iOS and Android!

Lee gave us first impressions of Guild Wars 2.

Top 5: Best uses of music in videogames.


1. FREEZEPOP – Less Talk More Rokk

2. REGURGITATOR – Transformers Theme

3. GAIJIN GAMES – The Information Chase (feat Bitshifter) (Bit Trip Runner)

4. BRIAN LEBARTON – Threshold

5. KENICHI TOKOI – Let’s Shoot and Rescue

6.  BONNIE TYLER – I Need a Hero