Aired 29 February 2012

With DJ LAME and Razor.

This week, we talked about the legal troubles the makers of “Joustin’ Beaver” have gotten themselves into.

Also, to buy all Mass Effect 3 DLC is $870. Fo’ real?


1: Tokuhiko Uwabo – Godarni (From Space Harrier OST)

2: Pixelord – Keramika (Naive Machine Remix) DOWNLOAD FREE HERE >

3: Daft Punk – Crescendolls (Knife City Chiptune Cover) DOWNLOAD FREE ALBUM HERE >

4: Daft Punk – Something About Us (Henry Homesweet Chiptune Cover)

5: Hideki Naganuma – Humming the Bassline (From Jet Set Radio OST)

6: Abortifacient – Ripper DOWNLOAD FREE HERE >

7: Green Nose – Frescoes DOWNLOAD FREE ALBUM HERE >

8: Rob Hubbard – Commando (From Commando OST)