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ZEDGAMES – Episode 74 [Playlist]


This week:

We spoke with local chip artist SLATO. Check him out at the Mana Bar tomorrow night!

DJ LAME, Razor and Lee spoke about Team Bondi’s recent troubles, and the unrest growing in EVE ONLINE.

6:00 MR SPASTIC – On=1 Get Spastic
6:05 OH! DEE – Contra Hard Corps
6:25 USK – Lololo Step
6:40 SLATO – Goodnight Monsterland (Live)
6:50 DOT.AY – Vampire Nosebleed
6:55 REDINHO – Lightning Strikes


ZEDGAMES – Episode 72 [Playlist]

22 June 2011

This week Razor, Lee and DJ LAME spoke about the LA Noire, the 3DS Zelda: Ocarina of Time remake and Mortal Kombat.

1: REDINHO – Boy Racer
2: KEITH APICARY – Sonic The Hedgesong
3: SWELL SESSIONS – Legend of Zelda Tribute
4: GREEN NOSE – Ghosts and Goblins
5: RUBIJAQ – Pale Face
6: LAMBORGHINI – Vendetta

LA NOIRE: If this game sucks then I’ll eat my own poo

LA NOIRE is set for release in Australia next Friday 20 May. Here is the official launch trailer to get your appetite going. If you absolutely cannot wait to play it, head to the THE MANA BAR on Thursday the 19th from 5PM for an sneaky pre-play.