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Episode 159



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Originally aired 6 March 2013
on Brisbane’s 4ZZZ 102.1FM

In Studio: Razor, Lee, Jody and Alanah.

Razor strikes gold with PERSONA 4: GOLDEN (PSV)
Jody awakens his inner metal demon in BRUTAL LEGEND (PC)

1. RANDOM – River City Rhymin’
2. MADDEST KINGS ALIVE – Cagey Negotiators
3. DAVID BOWIE – New Angels of Promise
4. 7BIT HERO – Main Menu Screen
5. LITA FORD – Betrayal
6. MOONBASE COMMANDER – Ekisatubeiku

Episode 158



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This week’s podcast contains 4 tracks from 7BIT HERO’s EP “We Eat Loot”, courtesy of Hans/7Bit Hero!














Aired Wednesday 27 February, 2013

We talk to Hans Van Vliet of 7BIT HERO ahead of the EP launch at State Library of QLD this Saturday night.  We also hear 4 tracks from the EP “We Eat Loot”  http://7bithero.com

Lee and Alanah suit up to review CRYSIS 3!

Plus, our thoughts on the PS4 reveal.

1. MOONBASE COMMANDER – Ekisaitobaiku
2. 7BIT HERO – Come On, Stand Out
3. 7BIT HERO – Side Quest
4. 7BIT HERO – Playing Games With My Heart
5. 7BIT HERO – Main Menu Screen
6. DRAGONFORCE – Holding On

Episode 155


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Note: Unfortunately there’s a bit of buzzing during the first 9 minutes of this episode.  Sorry about that!  The rest of the episode is fine though.










Aired 6 February 2013

In Studio: Razor, Lee, Candi & Jody


We chat with creative director of the ambitious “infinite RPG” Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox, Alex Norton.

The game has just entered open beta and a demo is available for free now!  Check out http://www.malevolencegame.com/


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ZEDGAMES – Episode 119 [Playlist + Podcast]

Aired 23 May 2012

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In Studio: Razor, Lee, Candi Payne and Matt the “CandyMan”

In this week’s episode:

Razor, Lee and Matt have an epic, final discussion about Diablo 3.

Candi Payne reports on Monday’s Fruit Ninja tournament in the Queen St Mall.


1. HUNZ – Owl Highway

2. SWELL SESSIONS vs KOJI KONDO – Legend of Zelda Tribute

3. DOT.AY – Vampire Nosebleed

4. ADRIAN HOLOVATY – Mario 2 Theme Gypsy Jazz Style

5. “WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC – White And Nerdy


ZEDGAMES – Episode 118 [Playlist + Podcast]

Aired 16 May 2012

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Razor, Lee & Candi P.

Candi & Razor playtest iOS game Penny Time.

Razor & Lee’s first impressions of Diablo 3. (PC & Mac) To be continued next episode!

Lee and Candi debate the benefits of retail and digital game distribution.


1. RUBIJAQ – Pale Face


3. HUNZ – Neon

4. KUHN – Slime Beach

5. GREEN NOSE – Pyramid

ZEDGAMES – Episode 117 [Playlist + Podcast]

Aired 9 May 2012

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Candi, DJ LAME, Lee and Razor

We interview Hunz and Ivan from IV MOTION about upcoming iOS title Penny Time!

Glitches – our fondest and most frustrating memories.


1. A LEE – Slippy 9000

2. RUSTIE – Beast Nite

3. HUNZ – Owl Highway (Penny Time S/track)

4. HUNZ – Beefcake High (Penny Time S/track)

5. SUBP YAO – Hamburger Chords

6. 813 – Purpur Way

ZEDGAMES – Episode 116 [Playlist + Podcast]

Aired 2 May 2012

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Razor, Lee & Candi

Lee reviews Fez (XBOX Live Arcade)

We reminisce the days when side-scrolling platformer was the dominant genre.


1. GIANT MAN – King Koopa’s Jukin’

2. ANAMANAGUCHI – Twin Dragons

3. KIRBY’S DREAMLAND – Green Greens

4. DIBIASE – Donkey Kicks

5. TMNT S/TRACK – Overworld

6. MEGAMAN – Bomb Man

7. MC LARS – OG (original Gamer)

ZEDGAMES – Episode 115 [Playlist + Podcast]

Aired 25 April 2012

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In Studio: Lee and Razor.


Diablo 3: Our impressions of the first hour of gameplay.

Sniper Elite V2: Demo

Also: Our favourite videogame villains, part 1.


1. MC CHRIS – Part One

2. STATIKZ – Let’s Go To Tokyo

3. FREEZEPOP – Plastic Stars

4. DOT.AY – Vampire Nosebleed

5. GREEN NOSE – Manhole Man


ZEDGAMES – Episode 114 [Playlist & Podcast]

Aired 18 April 2012.

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In Studio: Candi, Razor & Lee.


This week:  A more in depth discussion about Gaming Addiction, and some commentary on the Star Wars Kinect game.

1. STAR WARS KINECT S/TRACK – Empire Today (Village People – YMCA)

2. BALLOON FIGHT – Balloon Trip

3. EPROM – Humanoid

4. MICROCOBRA – Scorpion Vs Cobra