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Zed Games Podcast – Episode 208


Razor chats with David and Drew of IRL Shooter, creators of Patient 0: a live-action zombie apocalypse simulation. We chat about “pain belts”, the best reactions they’ve had from players, and launching the most ambitious crowd funding project in Australia history. Check out the Pozible campaign here: http://www.pozible.com/project/176333

We hear an interview with Jakub Szamalek of CD Projekt Red. He talks about how the upcoming Witcher 3 will attempt to blend open world exploration with engaging storylines. Interview courtesy of Big Head Mode.

Jody gives us some first impressions of Vertiginous Golfa steampunk-themed aerial golf game. The game will be coming soon to Steam Early Access. Check it out here.

Aired 26 February 2014

In studio: Razor, Jody Macgregor and Lee.

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 208.

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Episode 133 [Playlist + Podcast]







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Aired 29 August 2012

Razor, Lee and Jody


Darksiders 2 (PC/360/PS3)

Sound Shapes (PSV)

We discuss Boss Fights!   Our favourites, and why do so many games have them anyway?



From one of the best big crescendo moments in Left 4 Dead 2.

2. MASS EFFECT 3 STRACK – An End For All

3. CUSTARD – Wahooti Fandango

This was on the soundtrack of a post-Doom FPS called Quarantine, which I have never played but kind of want to because the soundtrack is all Australian rock bands from the 90s and that’s amazing.

4. PORTAL 2 STRACK – Some Assembly Required

5. PLANTS V ZOMBIES STRACK – Ultimate Battle

6. AKIRA YAMAOKA  – End of Small Sanctuary

From Silent Hill 3, which has a particularly crazy boss fight.

Episode 130 [Playlist + Podcast]









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Aired 8 August 2012

In studio: Razor, Major Lee, Candi Payne & we welcome Jody as a regular co-host.


The Zed Games crew has a discussion about the scariest games they’ve ever played.   Is yours on the list?

Candi Payne ridicules us for being scared of games but what scares her?  Listen to find out.

Lee gives us some DAY Z first impressions.


1. THE NATIONAL – Exile Vilify (Portal 2)

2. AKIRA YAMAOKA – Theme of Laura (Silent Hill 2)

3. ERIC BROSIUS – Med Sci 1 (System Shock 2)

4. VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE – BLOODLINES – Mission Impossible Soundtrack

5. HEALTH – Max Fevala (Max Payne)