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Episode 161



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Aired 20 March 2013
on Brisbane’s 4ZZZ 102.1FM

In Studio: Razor, Lee, Jody & Candi

Lee reviews SIM CITY (PC)

1. THE LOVIN SPOONFUL – DO You Believe In Magic
2. BUCKNER & GARCIA – Froggy’s Lament
3. AKB48 – Sugar Rush
4. 2MELLO & JAY Z – Problems (Masamune)
5. AMANDA PALMER & DOT.AY – Video Games

Episode 149










Aired 19 December 2012

In Studio: Lee, Candi Payne, Jody, Razor and introducing our newest recruit Alanah Pearce!


For our final episode of 2012, we discuss our favourite games of the year.

Jody reviewed LEGO – LORD OF THE RINGS.

Also, we debut “Candi’s Quickies”.


1. GRAVITY RUSH OST – End Credits Theme


3. JOURNEY OST – Road of Trials

4. BEN PRUNTY – Civil (Battle) – FTL: Faster Than Light

5. OTIS CHIPZEL – Super Hexagon

6. HUNZ – Owl Highway (Penny Time OST)

ZEDGAMES – Episode 110 [Playlist]

Aired 21 March 2012.

In Studio: Lee, DJ LAME, Candi, Chris & Razor.

This week we talked Mass Effect 3, Moral choice in video games, and a brief recap of Peter Molyneux’s career.


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2. MISK – Blast Processing

3. KOLOAH – Nebula

4. FREDDEGREDDE – Windwaker Unplugged

5. 454 – Mister Bibal

ZEDGAMES – Episode 109 [Playlist]

Aired 14 March 2012

In Studio: Lee, Candi and Razor.

This week we revisited our favourite “The Sims” memories.

Lee and Razor gave us first impressions of Mass Effect 3, with more to come next week!


1. SPOD – Dead

2. ULTRASYD – Heartical Chip

3. FREEZEPOP – Plastic Stars

4. REDINHO – Boy Racer

5. MC CHRIS – Nerd Cave

6. DR SPIN – Tetris

ZEDGAMES – Episode 108 [Playlist]

Aired 7 March 2012

In studio: “The General” Lee, DJ LAME, Razor & Candi.


We spoke about the R18+ rating issue, recent developments and a recap of the progress.

Mass Effect 3 first impressions.

HALO: Anniversary


1. REDINHO – Lightning Strikes

2. APHEX TWIN – Pac-Man (Original Mix)

3. BITMUCH – Amelie Sensei

4. DZA – Skorost

5. PSYCHEOUT – New Rally X ’96

6. KRAMPFHAFT – Carl Sagan The Man

ZEDGAMES – Episode 107 [Playlist]

Aired 29 February 2012

With DJ LAME and Razor.

This week, we talked about the legal troubles the makers of “Joustin’ Beaver” have gotten themselves into.

Also, to buy all Mass Effect 3 DLC is $870. Fo’ real?


1: Tokuhiko Uwabo – Godarni (From Space Harrier OST)

2: Pixelord – Keramika (Naive Machine Remix) DOWNLOAD FREE HERE > http://soundcloud.com/hitandhope/pixelord-keramika-naive

3: Daft Punk – Crescendolls (Knife City Chiptune Cover) DOWNLOAD FREE ALBUM HERE > http://dachip.com/download.html

4: Daft Punk – Something About Us (Henry Homesweet Chiptune Cover)

5: Hideki Naganuma – Humming the Bassline (From Jet Set Radio OST)

6: Abortifacient – Ripper DOWNLOAD FREE HERE > http://soundcloud.com/abortifacient/ripper

7: Green Nose – Frescoes DOWNLOAD FREE ALBUM HERE > http://dubtemplerecords.bandcamp.com/album/green-nose-hyper-color-t-shirts

8: Rob Hubbard – Commando (From Commando OST)

ZEDGAMES – Episode 106 [Playlist]

Aired 22 February 2012

Lee and Razor were joined by New Releases Show host Chris Cobcroft to present a special retrospect of the Total War series and developer Creative Assembly.

Also: Mass Effect 3 demo first impressions.

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1. MC CHRIS – Nerd Cave
2. FREEZE POP – Science Genius Girl
3. POWERGLOVE – Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man
4. TALK TO ANIMALS – That’s What I Saw
5. S/TRACK – DOOM 3 Theme

ZEDGAMES – Episode 66 [Playlist]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 66
11 May 2011

Presented by DJ LAME & RAZOR

This week: DJ Lame and Razor presented commentary on the week’s gaming news.

1. BITMUCH – Rastafari Anthem
2. MARTIN LEUNG – Tetris (Live)
3. RUBIJAQ – Dust
4. ADRIAN HOLOVATY – Mario 2 Theme Gypsy Jazz Style
5. JIMMY WONG – Mario Theme Acapella
6. GROUNDISLAVA – Planetary Destroyer
7. AFRICA HI-TECH – Gangslap

Sony are now blaming hacker organisation Anonymous for the PSN breach which compromised the personal details of nearly 80 million users. Sony claim that files that were left deliberately on the server as a calling card contain the message “We Are Legion” which is Anonymous’s slogan. This comes after members of Anonymous denied involvement in the breach, which is the biggest intrusion of private information in history.

Capcom’s senior vice president has written on the company’s forums that the PSN outage has cost the company hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Sony have announced that the majority of services will be back online from 31 May. Thet are implementing a Welcome Back program to compensate PSN users for the lost time which includes a month of Playstation Plus, PSN’s premium service, as well as other free content. Existing Playstation Plus customers will receive further benefits.

An MMO based on the Marvel universe has been announced for release sometime this year. The game is based on the animated Super hero Squad license and will allow players to play as their favourite Marvel Heroes. At this stage the game is called Super Hero Squad Online and it is reported that there will be no monthly subscription fee.

Valve have implemented a video replay feature into Team Fortress 2. Players can now save replays of their previous life and view the action from any angle, including POV’s of everyone on the server. The content is also fully editable. Creative TF2 players are encouraged to enter the SAXXY AWARDS, which are open until the 19th of May and features categories like “Most Inventive Kill”, “Most Pwnage” and “Best Cinematography”.

The next installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise is called Revelations and scheduled for release this November. Ezio will return for the final time, though rather than being set in renaissance Italy, the adventure is shifting to the Middle Eastern setting of the original game. Gameplay trailers are expected at this years E3.

Mass Effect 3, previously scheduled for release late this year, has been pushed back to Quarter 1 2012.

Brink, a game best described as a hybrid of Mirror’s Edge and Team Fortress 2, launches tomorrow. For those who are eager to try out the game early, The Mana Bar is hosting a preview event tonight until midnight.

It’s been reported that the Australian release of The Witcher 2 has been edited to fall under the MA15+ rating. The edited content has to do with a scene in which the player is granted the option to accept sex as a reward. This option has been removed from the Australian version. The Witcher 2 is scheduled for release on 17 May.

Blizzard has dropped a hint that public Beta testing for DIABLO 3 will begin in Quarter 3 this
year. At this stage we don’t have a release date, but this news makes an early 2012 release seem likely.

Bungie, developers of the popular HALO franchise have stated that they will not be presenting material at E3 this year. This years conference is happening from the 7-9 of June, with Nintendo hoping to steal the show by showing off its next generation console.

EB Games have announced that they will be presenting a new annual games expo to be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Entertainment Centre. EB Games Expo, will be held this year on October 15 and 16 and feature presentations from EA and Ubisoft with more likely to be confirmed. The event is open to the public and tickets start at 29.95, with VIP passes also available for 99.95.

Blizzard have announced that World of Warcraft subscriber numbers have dipped to a mere 11.4 million. This is down from its peak of 12 million at around the release of the Cataclysm expansion. Blizzard executives are planning on speeding up content delivery to regain market share.

Valve have released the beta version of Portal 2’s authoring tools, allowing users to create their own levels and puzzles. Check the official Portal 2 site for more info: thinkwithportals.com