Banned FIFA Player, COVID-19 Precautions and Screen QLD Grants

EA FIFA pro streamer gets banned

Kurt Fenech ‘Kurt0411’ has been kicked from FIFA competition last year however, abusive and threatening behaviour still followed. Fenech has had a rocky relationship with EA and was banned in November 2019 for persistent abusive behaviour toward the company during livestreams as well as on social media. After he was banned this behaviour continued from Fenech’s supporters and FIFA community social media accounts were hacked. Fenech showed little remorse for the situation in a video addressing his ban in 2019. Fenech says in this video that, “Anyone who plays videogames has shouted slurs at their opponents, especially in FIFA. The difference is I have a live camera.” Due to Fenech showing no intention to change his behaviour EA not only banned him from FIFA competitions but also from all EA games and services. Since then Fenech is stated that he isn’t going to go away quietly. Fenech also posted on his Twitter account the details of his ban from EA. Hopefully EA can find a resolution to this situation before it gets even more out of hand.

Overwatch League matches cancelled due to the coronavirus

Not long after cancelling matches in China, Blizzard has now postponed another three weeks of Overwatch League games only this time in South Korea. This comes after the continuous spread of COVID-19 aka coronavirus. The Overwatch League made an official announcement on Twitter stating, “In order to protect the health & safety of our players, fans & staff, we are cancelling plans to host #OWL2020 matches in South Korea in Weeks 5, 6, and 7 including the Seoul Dynasty home event.” The Seoul Dynasty Event was to be hosted on the 7th and 8th of March however has been postponed indefinitely as South Korea has the highest amount of coronavirus cases outside of China. Overwatch League isn’t the only esports event suffering from the potential threat of the virus League of Legends League has postponed Week 2 of the LPL and PUBG cancelled its first major event of the year. Of course, all of this is to ensure the health & safety of the players and fans.

Screen Queensland is going to fund more video games

Screen Queensland is going to open a new round of funding for studios with up to $50,000 per grant. Queensland has been supporting local games since 2013 with a good record of success for developers, Screen Queensland has funded games such as Damsel, Speaking Simulator, Blueberry as well as upcoming games such as Unpacking.

For developers looking to apply you must make sure you meet this criteria:

  • Lives and works in Queensland
  • Is an Australian resident working with someone in a key creative role
  • Has a Producer or Line Producer who is a Queensland resident
  • Can provide the required documents for the program they are applying for
  • Owns the rights to the story they are telling
  • Has read and complies with our Terms of Trade
  • Click here to apply for the Grant.
  • Click here for the Specific Guidelines for Funding.