Goodbye GeForce, FIFA tracking footware and Scammers

Game publishers are leaving Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming platform in droves

After its official launch last month game publishers want nothing to do with the service. Epic Game CEO Tim Sweeney is still defending the platform saying, “Epic is wholeheartedly supporting Nvidia’s GeForce NOW service with Fortnite and with Epic Games Store titles and we’ll be improving that integration over time.” Tim Sweeney believes that Nvidia is helping move the games industry towards a healthier state and implores other games companies to support this change. Nvidia’s GeForce Now service is unlike Google Stadia or PlayStation Now in that it integrates with your Steam or Epic Games Store accounts and streams games you already own and GeForce enables you the hardware to play those games on a smartphone or a laptop. The only issue is that Nvidia doesn’t have a list of games that it supports so it’s hard to know what’s available and it’s also hard to know how many publishers are leaving the streaming service. Companies that have left are Blizzard, Square Enix, Capcom, and Bethesda. Many companies have remained silent after the fact, speculation is still up in the air around why. Raphael van Lierop director of The Long Dark wrote on Twitter, “Please take your complaints to them, not us. Devs should control where their games exist.”

FIFA players can now train by putting a chip in their boots

A collaboration with Adidas, EA and Google has resulted in using technology that tracks your real-world exercise and reflects it in game. By inserting a chip into the insole of a pair of football boots the device will track all the activity and when you sync that data with FIFA Ultimate Team Mobile players will be able to use that information to train their virtual players. This tech isn’t new by any means Nintendo tried this before with The Pokewalker back in 2010 for the Nintendo DS as well as this being similar technology to your fitness tracker. Adidas and FIFA version dropped yesterday if you’d like to have a look check it out here.

The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has warned game players and their parents to be mindful of an increase in video game scams

There has been over a 7% increase in reports to Scamwatch last year from Aussie game players under the age of 25. Players and the parents of underage players should be cautious about fake online stores or scammers as well as some that specifically target children. Some of the games to be mindful of are Fortnite, League of Legends and Counterstrike. League of Legends has created an animated video about account security from 2017 check it out here. Make sure to keep an eye on the younger players as to not be fooled.