Nintendo Gets Paid, VR Gets Unreal, Fortnite Gets Timey Wimey

Using the unlimited resources of our team of news hounds, we’ve found the hottest gaming news in town!

So long, Gary Bowser!

About four years ago Gary Bowser (no relation) was sent to prison for the heinous crime of selling devices that people used to play pirated games on their Nintendo Switch. After spending 40 months trapped in the prison system with rapists and murderers, this diabolical danger to society has been released on good behaviour. But there’s a catch. As part of the settlement, Bowser has to pay 20 to 30% of whatever income he earns for the rest of his life to Nintendo. He owes Nintendo 10 million dollars and he’ll never pay it off in his entire life. Wow, I feel safer already.

VR Gets Unreal

In other hacking news, dangerous underground hacker PrayDog has, I dunno, reversed the polarity on the mainframe database or something, I don’t know how hacking works, and released a Universal Unreal Engine VR Mod. This smart piece of tech adds full VR headset support to 90% of games that are built in the Unreal Engine – even ones that weren’t designed for VR in the first place. The next iteration of the mod will apparently add motion controller support, so if you want to play Rocket League or Fortnite in VR, this is the mod to keep an eye on. As yet there’s no word about Epic following Nintendo’s lead and sending a
team of lawyers after PrayDog for colouring outside the lines, but we’ll keep you posted.

The Doctor is in…Fortnite!

Rumour, and some convincing screenshots from data miners, has it that Doctor Who is coming to Fortnite later this year. Or early this year. It’s hard to tell when time travel is involved. Doctor Who fans are already excited about the concept of playing their favourite Gallifreyan in Fortnite, as I’m sure there’ll be a litany of different skins you can purchase so you can be Tom Baker or David Tennant or, I dunno, the one that all the neckbeards got mad about online. Fun!

Diablo 4 gets the Midas touch

Soon to be Microsoft employees Activision-Blizzard have announced that Diablo 4 has gone gold. That’s a fancy way of saying the developers have finished work on the game and are ready to release it. This is big news because…

…oh, I don’t know. look, I’m old, I’m tired, I’m sure Diablo 4’s going to be great but I really just want a cup of tea and a lie down, so you guys knock yourselves out and have fun. I’ll be in the corner sleeping through old Coronation Street reruns.

And now for the latest game releases!

Today, April 20:
Mr. Sun’s Hatbox (PC, Switch)
Cavity Busters (PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S, Switch)
Kick of the Spear (C64)

Tomorrow, April 21:
Dead Island 2 (PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S, Stadia…wait, the Stadiia?!)
And finally…FINALLY!! Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp (Switch)