Not another game delay

Crazy Taxi Reboot
At the 2023 Game Awards Sega teased reboots for several of its classic titles like Jet Set Radio,
Streets of Rage, and Crazy Taxi. A recruitment video for the Crazy Taxi reboot, features the
current team including Kenji Kanno, (the director of the original Crazy Taxi game) sharing details
about the project. They aim to preserve the gameplay of the original games, navigating a city at
breakneck speeds, but also to adapt it for the modern audience. So, what does the modern audience want?

Large-scale, open-world, massively multiplayer games of course. It’s a significant shift but might be what the team needs to make it the AAA hit they’re aiming for.
There is currently no release date for Crazy Taxi (or any of the other reboots) so we’re in for a wait.


Xbox partners with Amazon for console-less gaming

Microsoft has announced that later this month (July 2024) Xbox subscribers will be able to
access a wide range of games through their Fire TV Stick, without the need for an Xbox console.
You’ll need one of the newer Firesticks (4K or 4K max), a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and
a Bluetooth controller, but that’s still likely to come in cheaper than a console.


Don’t Nod Delays Game Release
Life is Strange: Double Exposure, developed by Deck Nine, will be released in October 2024. It
centers around Max Caulfield, the protagonist from the first Life is Strange Game which was
developed by Don’t Nod.

Don’t Nod, which is no longer involved in the Life is Strange series, is currently working on Lost
Records: Bloom & Rage. This game was set to be released in Q3 2024 but has been postponed
until early 2025. A statement on Twitter revealed that this decision was made to avoid
competition between the two games. “We know you’re all excited for both Lost Records and the
new Life is Strange game, and we wanted to ensure both have adequate space to shine. The wait
will be worth it!”


Frostpunk 2 Delayed

The release of Frostpunk 2 has been delayed from July 25th, until September 20th
This follows the game’s recent beta where several notable issues were highlighted. 11-bit
studios say they want time to fix those issues and add several additional features before
release. We want to ensure Frostpunk 2 meets the high expectations of our fans and provides a
seamless and engaging experience.” They also promised that until release they would provide
behind-the-scenes updates to show how things are progressing.


Upcoming Game Releases:
Zenless Zone Zero will be released for PC, PS5, iOS, Android on July 4th.
July 5th gives us Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One & Xbox Series X
July 11th will see the release of Once Human and The Crush House, both on PC.
Finally, Anger Foot will be released for PC on July 10t