Simier Sims, eShop Shutdown and Cheaters Never Prosper

With more scoops than a big bowl of ice cream, here’s this week’s gaming news!

More Sims Than The Sims

During a recent announcement showcase, Paradox Interactive has hinted at a new game called Life By You, which is very much in the style of The Sims. The reason this news is turning heads is that it’s being developed by Rod Humble, the former head of Sims and CEO of Second Life studio Linden Labs, so there’s a lot of excitement about how this could be a real contender for the crown of virtual life simulators. 

However, only a short teaser trailer has been released and there is currently limited information available about the game. A full trailer and further details are expected in the coming weeks.

eShop Shutdown

Everybody loves shopping on the Nintendo eShop, which is especially bad news for 3DS and Wii U owners. Nintendo are shutting down access to this service for these systems on March 27. Apparently the little hamster that powers the server is being retired and taken to a nice farm (SFX: Gunshot). So you have a few short weeks to go on eShop and buy those 3DS games you’ve always wanted. Or just hack the machine and download whatever you want forever. Wait, did I say that bit out loud?

Oh speaking of Wii U, word is floating around the internet that Wii U devices are prone to bricking – or terminally failing to turn on – if they’re not used for extended periods of time. Like, several years worth of time. And let’s be honest, that’s pretty easy to do with the Wii U. So if you’re one of the dozens of Wii U owners out there, maybe check in on it and see how it’s doing?

Cheating’s a drag, man

Battlestate Games, the developers of the tremendously popular war simulator Escape From Tarkov, have done something unusual about people who cheat in their game. Not content with just banning them outright, they’ve released the names of over 6,000 players who they say are using mods to cheat and otherwise make legit players’ lives worse. I’m sure the parents of cooldude69 are just dying from the shame their son has brought upon their family. It’s an interesting use of time from the developer who once claimed that adding female characters to their game would just be too much work.

And now, get your credit cards ready for these upcoming game releases!

March 9
Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch]
Tiny Troopers: Global Ops [PC, PS5, XSX, XBO, Switch]
Train Life: A Railway Simulator [Switch]
Accuse [C64] 

March 14
Escape From The Red Planet [PC] 

March 17
Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon (Switch)