The Week In News: 28/11/2012

A truck containing every single copy of the PC version of Assassins Creed 3 to be sold in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg has been stolen by thieves.   Ubisoft has passed on the serial numbers of the stolen software to retailers and blacklisted them from online authentication.   The launch of the game was not affected, but those who purchased the limited Join or Die edition of the game missed out as they are unable to be remanufactured.


A revised version of Nintendo’s original Wii console has been revealed by Best Buy Canada.  The console – called the Wii Mini – will not feature Wi-fi or gamecube backwards compatibility but sports a smaller design and a price point of 99 canadian dollars.   Nintendo has not officially released any information about the console, and it is unknown whether there are plans to make the Wii Mini available outside of Canada.   The Wii’s successor, the Wii U, is set for release in Australia this Friday.



New DLC for Bioware’s epic space opera Mass Effect 3 is available for PS3, 360 and the PC.  Titled Omega, the content will focus on Aria, the Pirate Queen.


Bethesda has confirmed DLC for Dishonored will arrive on the 11th of December.   Dunwall City Trials will add 10 new challenge maps to the first person, supernatural stealth game.   Story based DLC has also been announced and is due for release in the second quarter of next year.


The Queensland Government has this year faced severe criticism from numerous sectors, but now it can now expect the scorn of gamers as well.  Polygon has reported that the Queensland government has no plans to implement the R 18+ rating until the 7th of February, over a month after the January 1st deadline set by the federal government.    This year gamers across Australia rejoiced when the Attorneys-General of all states and territories unanimously agreed to introduce an R rating for games,  ending over a decade of lobbying from gamers across the nation and  abolishing Australia’s status as the only Western country lacking an adult rating for videogames.   Queensland’s failure to pass legislation means that after the first of January, R-rated games will most likely be sold in Queensland stores, but without any laws in place to regulate their sale, minors will be legally able to purchase them.


Unsubstantiated rumour corner:

The Verge has reported that Microsoft are planning to release a set top box that would feature the media delivery services of the current Xbox but lacking the ability to play games.  The device would launch alongside the next generation of consoles using the Xbox branding, and would act as a rival to Apple TV.   Please note that this article is a rumour only and Zed Games is unable to confirm it’s legitimacy.