Thirty Five Percent and Other Fun Stories

BG3 is coming right at ya

Baldur’s Gate 3, one of this year’s run-away hits, has launched on PC and PS5 is coming this week but the Xbox release was not expected until next year. That is now changed after the developer Larian Studios managed to secure permission from Microsoft to release the game without feature parity between the Series X and the weaker Series S. There had been great difficulty getting the split screen co op working on the weaker console and, in what will surely be a start of things to come, the Series S version will launch without the feature. Otherwise, the game will remain the same and feature cross save so you can still take your save to Series X, PC or even PS5. You can now expect the game on Xbox platforms by the end of the year.

Speaking of cross save the long running hit online action game Warframe has also announced robust cross save allowing players to play their games seamlessly across PS4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S, PC and Switch by year’s end.

Playstation Portal

Previously know as Project Q, Sony’s new handheld device has been revealed as the Playstation Portal. A handheld streaming device with a 1080p 8-inch 60hz screen between two halves of a Dualsense controller. The devices’ sole function is to stream PS5 games inside the home with no native software.

Much like the Playstation 5 the Portal will also not allow Bluetooth headsets to connect. Sony has you covered though with a head set and earbuds called the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore respectively, releasing alongside the Portal using special proprietary technology that I’m sure will become as commonplace as the UMD.

A firm release date beyond this year has not been announces and neither have Australian prices but the US prices convert to roughly $310 for the Portal, $230 for the Elite and $310 again for the Explore.  Don’t forget to round up!

BREAKING: Sony has announced it will the increasing the pricing of its online services. The Australian pricing is still to be confirmed but in other regions prices are set to increase 35 percent. This price rise brings with it no additional features.

Headlines have all the info you ever need

With Starfield just days away it is now time to announce that the Elder Scrolls 6, a mere 5 years after it was announced is entering early development!

Following the successful launch of Shadow Gambit two weeks ago developer Mimimi has announced the title will be their last and the studio will close.

Star Citizen has crossed 600 million in crowd funding a number over 8 times more than the budget of India’s recent moon landing.

Upcoming Game Releases

30XX (Switch) – September 2

Chants of Sennaar (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC), Rune Factory 3 Special (Switch) – September 6

Baldur’s Gate 3 (PlayStation 5), Starfield (Xbox Series X/S, PC) – September 7

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis (iOS, Android) – September 8