C&C Rivals Review

Developer: Visceral Games, EA Redwood Studios
Publisher: EA
Music: Austin Wintory
Platforms: Android, IOS
Release Date: 4 December 2019
Genre: Real-time strategy

Command & Conquer Rivals is not a heavy narrative driven game. However, the Command & Conquer series which this game is based on, is very rich in narrative and backstory. The game never specifies when it takes place, but it follows the same conflict as previous games have. The conflict in question is a war between the secretive and worldwide organisation known as the Brotherhood of Nod and the UN funded organisation: “Global Defence Initiative” or GDI.

C&C Rivals is a real time strategy game where players face off in a 1 vs 1 match. The map is fairly small but consists of 1 base per player and between 1 – 4 platforms that each player can take control of. If one player holds most of the platforms a nuke is placed in the middle of the map and will start its launch attack on the opponent. If launched, then it does 50% damage to the player who has been hit. This being the main way of taking out the enemy. There are also toxic mineral fields around the map that players can harvest from to gain minerals which are also generated consistently throughout the game.

Outside of the real time matches the player can build up a pre-set army consisting of cards. These cards represent what type of unit the player will be able to deploy, and they have 6 spots to fill. These cards are gained through playing and finishing quests or a limited amount of trading. Each of these units follow a simple good against or weak against system like rock paper scissor. Meaning that a tank for example is very strong against vehicles but won’t do much damage against anything else. Players can play as either the GDI or the NOD both of which have unique units and abilities to call upon.

The game features the classic kind of music that you would expect from any Command & Conquer game, being very heroic but systematic. This however, like its predecessors fits so very well into the genre. Making you feel like a commander, guiding your army to victory! The sound effects are clear, and each unit feels personal. Troops like the infantry feel very light through their SFX while troops like the mechs feel heavy as they move.

Command & Conquer Rivals is a solid real time strategy game. Allowing for interesting, fast paced and rewarding game play. Through my whole experience I never felt that I was at a disadvantage, but every situation was on me.  If I made a smart play where I managed to out play my opponent, it felt extremely satisfying. Yet the moments where I got absolutely crushed made me feel like I could have done better. I did have a bit of a gripe with the monetization in the game feeling a bit forced to pay in order for me to play seriously in the late game. The price point for this was about $15AUD which for a game who gave me over 20+ hours of enjoyment was definitely worth it!

Reviewed by William Haumann @William_Haumann on February 20th 2020