Doom 2016 Review

Developer: ID Software & Bethesda
Publisher: Bethesda
Music: Mick Gordon
Release Date: 13 May 2016
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Xbox, PS4, Switch
Genre: First Person Shooter

Doom starts in a research facility on Mars owned by Union Aerospace Corporation and run by Dr. Samuel Hayden whose mind lives in a robot after losing his body to brain cancer. Researchers at this facility have been attempting to draw energies from hell, an alternate dimension inhabited by demons, to feed the energy hunger on earth. This has allowed travel between the dimensions. After several expeditions; claiming relics, demons, they finally find the sarcophagus containing the Doom Slayer and his suit. The Doom Slayer being imprisoned after his previous rampage through Hell.

After one of Dr. Hayden’s researchers make a pact with the demons, releasing them and opening a portal between the dimensions, it is at this point Dr. Hayden releases the Doom Slayer out of desperation. After returning the Doom slayer must now do what he does best and continue his rampage and stop this hellish infestation.

Doom is a breath of fresh air within the first person shooter genre, by going back to the roots and following the example set by its predecessor. Focusing solely on the first person shooter elements and the enemies. With a wide range of weapons to use, each being more or less effective against the certain types of enemies that you are tasked with slaying. Each weapon hosts unique secondary abilities and upgrades that allow for each weapon to a soul role in your rampaging crusade, be it helping you clear smaller minions or taking on the bigger once. 

With a wide range of weapons you also need a lot of different enemies to use them on, Doom features both old enemies like the pinkies but also new once like the summoner. Each giving you a different and unique threat for you to deal with, some old ans some new. Doom features an extraordinarily satisfying finish and staggering system letting you stagger an enemy by hitting them enough times in the head, making them flash red or blue to which you can end their suffering in a very, VERY gruesome manner. 

Doom wouldn’t be whole without it’s soundtrack, composed by the legendary Mick Gordon who also worked on games like Wolfenstein the new order and old blood. The soundtrack for this game is simply amazing. Being a heavy metal soundtrack that will literally make your blood boil, be it while slaying demons or enjoying a cup of tea in the morning. Making you truly feel like THE DOOM SLAYER! The sound effects and voice acting in this game are a solid fit, from the character dialogue or the backstory you can really feel the emotion. 

Being a game about guns and demons, it’s important to talk about the elephant in the room. Creating a gun that feels both real and fulfilling is really hard. While I think Doom did an amazing job, giving each gun personality. There were times where I felt that I would have wanted somewhat more of an ‘umph’ when using them. However, this might have been because the soundtrack alone made my adrenaline peak.

Doom is everything you would expect from a Doom game and more, as you play it is hard not to get sucked into a literal blood rush. Through the whole experience you feel like a demon slaying bad ass with nothing stopping you. The game’s narrative and lore is a bit cliche but with an interesting take, never really being the focus but being a nice side dish to enjoy with the demon slaying. 

The game play is superb putting a focus on the gun play, the movement and adapting to the situation. Jumping in to this experience as a newbie or a veteran will not change how rewarding this experience feels. The soundtrack is so good I’ve been listening to it non-stop since I started playing the game. While I was a bit underwhelmed by some SFX in the game, I was still totally engrossed.

Reviewed by William Haumann @William_Haumann on March 1st 2020