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ZEDGAMES – Episode 86 [Playlist]

5 October 2011

Presented by Lee, Razor & Zakamemnon

This week we spoke to FINAGRIN, a local chip artist. Check him out along with VGX and SLATO tomorrow night at the Mana Bar! Details here: POCKET MUSIC

Razor and Lee recounted fond memories of AUSCON.

Lee got his hands on RAGE early and gave us some first impressions.

We also speculated briefly on the mysterious new Terran unit released in a teaser image by Blizzard.

6:04 L337 G33K B3A7- Emulation Station
6:12 Dot.AY – Vampire Nosebleed
6:27 FINAGRIN – Unconditional
6:33 LOWKI – Tetris
6:40 GOD HAND S/TRACK – End Credits Theme
6:58 MI-SEX – Computer Games

This weekend: AUSCON gaming convention

For those of you who are feeling the absence of GENCON: Look no further than AUSCON this weekend!

For the first time ever, AUSCON will be satisfying all of your gaming needs with a weekend jam packed with every kind of game you can play on a table.

In addition to having all of the best tabletop games being played around the clock (including WAR MACHINE, BLOODBOWL, 40K THE GAUNTLET, BATTLETECH and MAGIC: THE GATHERING), be sure to check out many of the other activities including seminars on painting, miniature creation and game development; speed painting competitions; and WIZARDS OF OZ, an all-inclusive miniature painting comp.

All of this is happening at the RNA Showgrounds, Bowen Hills Sat. 30 April – Mon. 2 May (it doesn’t start on Friday as I foolishly proclaimed on last week’s show).

Of course, ZEDGAMES will be attending all weekend so if you see any of the presenters wandering around feel free to say “hi”. I will probably be hanging around the Magic tables; challenge me to a friendly duel and if you beat me, I may be forced to admit defeat on next week’s show (if you lose I reserve full bragging rights).

For full details about the event and gaming schedule, visit www.auscongames.com.au