This weekend: AUSCON gaming convention

For those of you who are feeling the absence of GENCON: Look no further than AUSCON this weekend!

For the first time ever, AUSCON will be satisfying all of your gaming needs with a weekend jam packed with every kind of game you can play on a table.

In addition to having all of the best tabletop games being played around the clock (including WAR MACHINE, BLOODBOWL, 40K THE GAUNTLET, BATTLETECH and MAGIC: THE GATHERING), be sure to check out many of the other activities including seminars on painting, miniature creation and game development; speed painting competitions; and WIZARDS OF OZ, an all-inclusive miniature painting comp.

All of this is happening at the RNA Showgrounds, Bowen Hills Sat. 30 April – Mon. 2 May (it doesn’t start on Friday as I foolishly proclaimed on last week’s show).

Of course, ZEDGAMES will be attending all weekend so if you see any of the presenters wandering around feel free to say “hi”. I will probably be hanging around the Magic tables; challenge me to a friendly duel and if you beat me, I may be forced to admit defeat on next week’s show (if you lose I reserve full bragging rights).

For full details about the event and gaming schedule, visit